Target your retirement

Executive Retirement Coaching prepares UK executives for a rewarding new chapter in life.

Achieve your retirement goals with a custom learning pathway, delivered via 1-2-1 executive coaching and premium resources.

Is retirement on your mind?

If you are actively thinking about retirement, you may have some exciting ideas for the future.

However, for executives high on workload and short on time, turning those ideas into reality can be a challenge.

It’s complicated for me

  • How can I design a successful retirement plan?
  • It’s time for a fun and rewarding new lifestyle
  • My personal finances need aligning for the future
  • What is the optimal way to access my pensions?
  • I want my financial decisions to be tax efficient
  • How can I achieve a professional transition?
  • I want to access new professional opportunities

Take control with professional support

Planning your retirement is a complex puzzle with exciting opportunities to secure and significant risks to navigate.

With a busy schedule it can a challenge to find the time and space to design and then launch your retirement plan, shaping a future that is both rewarding and unique to you.

Accessing professional support means you can design your retirement your way, avoiding costly mistakes, both financially and personally.

What is retirement coaching?

Preparing executives for a new chapter in life

Focused on business continuity

Learn how to achieve your retirement goals


Explore then identify your vision for the future


Increase your retirement planning skills


Make informed decisions to achieve your retirement goals

Executive Retirement Programme

The essential toolkit to build your future

Whatever you want to do next, you need to plan, make important decisions, then get those decisions right.

The Executive Retirement Programme is retirement education designed for UK executives over the age of 50, you will follow a custom learning pathway, focused on helping you identify then achieve your retirement goals.

Programme overview

Access premium resources

When you enrol on the Executive Retirement Programme, you will be supported by market-leading expertise and resources.

Executive Retirement Coach

Design and launch your new chapter in life

  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions to shape your future
  • Design a smooth transition from the workplace
  • Explore a vision for a purposeful and rewarding future
  • Your future opportunities – professional and personal
  • Delivered via Microsoft Teams – plus ongoing email support

Chartered Financial Planner

Tailored financial education and guidance

  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions, focused on your financial goals
  • Comprehensive review of your executive pension options
  • Explore Savings, Investments, Tax and Estate Planning
  • Delivered via Microsoft Teams – plus ongoing email support
  • Financial advice is not provided during this programme

Financial Planning Checklist

Designed for your life. Focused on your goals.

  • Access your financial planning checklist, designed by a Chartered Financial Planner, tailored to your personal circumstances.

  • Underpinned by a 1-2-1 review session, you can leverage your financial decision-making by prioritizing areas you need to focus on.

  • The financial planning checklist is not financial advice, and is for information and guidance purposes only.

Learning Materials

Boost your retirement planning skills

  • Lifestyle planning and personal relationships
  • Pensions – your choices and tax considerations
  • Savings, Investments and Property
  • Estate Planning and Long-Term Care
  • Starting your own business and new opportunities

Who do we support?

UK Executives

Individuals who plan to retire within 2 years and want to design and launch an exciting new chapter in life


Who wish to support their executives during transition, whilst maintaining business continuity.

Private Clients

Your employer will need to book your programme.

Start planning your future today

Top 5 questions about the Executive Retirement Programme

UK Executives who plan to retire within 2 years and want to design and launch a rewarding new chapter in life.

The programme is not suitable for those that have already retired, or individuals who are not UK taxpayers.

The Executive Retirement Programme is premium retirement education, designed to cover the broad aspects of preparing for retirement, focusing on what will change in the future and how to prepare.

1-2-1 coaching is delivered via Microsoft Teams, plus learning materials and ongoing email support.

Clients will follow their own custom learning pathway, content is agreed in partnership between client and coach, which will enable the client to achieve their individual retirement goals.

Content can include, but is not limited to:

  • Designing a professional transition from the workplace
  • Lifestyle considerations: relationships, health, fulfilment
  • Understand the 3 phases of retirement
  • Identify and secure personal and professional opportunities
  • Designing a Non-exec portfolio / consultant roles
  • Establishing a financial plan for retirement
  • Comprehensive review of your executive pension schemes
  • Identify your pension options, including pension drawdown and wider considerations
  • Is pension consolidation right for you?
  • Achieving Tax efficiency
  • Savings and investments strategy
  • Estate planning and long-term care
  • Avoiding scams – where to find regulated financial advice

Please complete the enquiry form on this page, we will then send you full details and pricing of the Executive Retirement Programme, including a client booking form.

All booking must be made by the sponsoring organisation, accompanied with a Purchase Order.

The Executive Retirement Programme is for retirement education and guidance purposes only, financial advice is not provided at any stage.

Programme resources can start and end when required, based upon the needs of the client.

1-2-1 coaching sessions can be utilised at key milestones as you countdown to retirement, email support is also available until your retirement date.

Programmes usually vary between 6-18months

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