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Prepare employees for the future

Platform 50 are a specialist provider of retirement education for UK employers, ensuring your 50+ workforce can make informed decisions about the future.
With a market-leading team of specialist coaches, Platform 50 have the skills and capacity to support a large and diverse workforce, including many of the UK’s leading employers:

Supporting your diverse workforce

Retirement Transition Coaches

Delivering retirement courses in the workplace or via webinar, coaches raise awareness of what will change in retirement & how to prepare in advance to avoid problems.
The key aspects of retirement transition are explained & how best to approach each topic when planning for the future. This includes lifestyle planning, health & relationships, plus identifying future opportunities – including self-employment, paid work & volunteering.

Independent Financial Advisers

Highly experienced & market leading experts deliver financial education across a range of programmes. Raising awareness of the key financial considerations in life planning, ranging from pensions to a wide range of personal finance topics.
Having supported thousands of employees from
diverse backgrounds, our financial education team
have the skills & experience to help individuals
shape their future of choice. Advisers are
regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct

Executive Transition Coaches

Find Out About Our Executive Retirement Services From Platform 50 Executive Transition Coaches Executive coaches focus on supporting leaders through change, both in the workplace & shaping long-term life planning. Programmes are integrated into the heart of the business environment, shaping a professional transition, with the handover of key projects & knowledge transition in place for the successor.
Coaches facilitate the design of a new & fulfilling lifestyle in retirement, whilst identifying new business & non-exec opportunities.

Health & Wellbeing Coaches

A specialist team explain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for employees of all ages. An engaging & pro-active approach is taken to personal wellness, ranging from the importance of nutrition, sleep, relationships & the management of stress, plus the daily choices that impact upon our future.
50+ programmes explain how to age successfully:
maintaining wellness, mobility, energy &
confidence as we experience career, family &
lifestyle transition.

How can we help your organisation?

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