Learn how financial education can improve employee engagement

Financial education seminars are designed to engage & inform your workforce, promoting the benefits of good financial health, supporting employees from all backgrounds.

Employees can identify the financial decisions commonly encountered in life, how to tackle personal debt, plus identifying the building blocks of retirement provision.

Content is regulated & impartial, which has been successfully delivered to thousands of employees from the many of the UK’s leading employers.

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Financial Awareness Seminar

employee retirement from Platform 50

Seminar Overview

  • Designed for employees under 50 – This half-day seminar focuses on reviewing & improving our financial health.
  • Expert support – Provided by an Independent Financial Adviser, fully regulated to cover the key issues that shape our personal finances.
  • Practical content – The financial decisions we encounter in life, tackling personal debt, plus understanding pensions & retirement provision.

Practical & Impartial Content

Positive employee engagement – Larger groups can benefit from jargon-free & practical content, plus signposting to further support.

  • Credit & borrowing
  • Avoiding & exiting the debt trap
  • Money management
  • Pensions & how they work
  • Savings & investments
  • Seeking financial advice
Platform 50 Engage Your Workforce With Financial Education

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