Employee Retirement: Engage your 50+ workforce with pre-retirement courses

Is your 50+ workforce unsure how and when to retire? Learn how impartial & engaging pre-retirement courses in the workplace can support employee engagement. Lifestyle & financial coaches prepare your 50+ workforce for retirement transition, explaining the broad aspects of preparing for the next chapter in life.

The employee retirement puzzle

For your workforce, planning for retirement is a complicated puzzle. Trying to balance lifestyle & financial considerations, many employees are unsure how and when to retire.

For employees aged over 50, the need to solve the retirement puzzle is more urgent, as they enter a new phase of work and life planning. There is so much to consider, they know they are moving closer to retirement, but not exactly sure when that will be.

There are also career plans to focus on, money to be earned, topping up the pension pot, family considerations, plus the big question, what next?

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What are the key questions for your 50+ workforce?

  • How long should I stay in the workplace?
  • What next in life?
  • What are my pension choices?
  • Will my health match my retirement plans?
  • Where to find impartial support?

The outcome? Many employees over 50 are unsure about the future

With a complicated employee retirement puzzle to solve and lacking support, many individuals will postpone retirement, choosing to stay in the workplace until something changes.

What does this mean for UK employers?

  • Disengaged employees worried about the future
  • HR department unsure when employees will retire
  • Negative impact on workforce planning
  • Talent pool unsure of progression timelines

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Engage and support your 50+ workforce

UK employers can take a pro-active & impartial approach to employee retirement, helping employees prepare for the future, whilst positively engaging their 50+ workforce.

Platform 50 are a specialist provider of retirement education in the workplace, delivering timely & engaging support across the workforce.

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Pre-Retirement Workshop

Workplace retirement courses prepare your 50+ workforce for retirement transition.

Supported by lifestyle and financial coaches, this means your employees can:

  • Identify what will change & how to prepare
  • Design a new retirement lifestyle
  • Understand the financial considerations of retirement
  • Identify new opportunities for the next chapter in life
  • Where to find impartial support

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Do your employees have questions about retirement? 

Our expert team have delivered pre-retirement courses for the UK’s leading employers, to prepare your workforce for the future, visit us at: www.platform50.com